• Social Responsibility

    Diversity and equal opportunities

    In order to develop and promote equity and diversity, the company develops a culture to promote equal opportunities, respect for others and their differences and this commitment applies to all human resources management and other management processes.

    Protecting our employees

    The company pays attention to its greatest asset, the human its knowledge and practices. COSE’s human capital is the foundation of its performance, sustainability and development.  COSE is therefore doing everything in its power to constantly increase it, to ensure its transmission to all employees and between generations.
    In its organizational and managerial practices, the company constantly promotes collective intelligence in order to exploit the full potential of all its employees, thus maximizing the company’s added value and customer satisfaction.
    Because we believe that humans can only be accomplished in an environment where they feel good, we attach importance to our environment and to the reconciliation of private and professional life.

    • Our organization enhances individual freedoms while respecting the operations of the company’s.
    • Our geographical location makes our head office ideally served by public transport covering Paris, a large part of the Val d’Oise and a part of the Seine Saint-Denis with short travel times.

    With a small private shareholding, the company’s niche strategy is guided by a medium- to long-term vision that, far from that of globalized shareholders, creates sustainable value for its customers, employees and shareholders.

    Compliance with the United Nations Global Compact

    Launched by Kofi Annan in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary commitment framework in which COSE undertakes to respect ten universally accepted principles relating to human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
    Le Pacte des Nations Unies

    Contractual Details

    COSE covers 60% of the contributions of mutual insurance companies and 66.67% of the contributions of the pension system set up to cover the risks of disability, industrial accidents and cover the children of the staff with an educational pension in the event of disability and/or death.

    Fight against corruption

    Our practice of monitoring best practices regarding the requirements of the United Nations Global Compact is described in a document available upon request from authorities, administration, clients, intermediaries and agents.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Our environmental responsibility creates value for both the customer and the environment.

    Daily efforts

    Employees are made aware of the need to reduce our overall ecological footprint to the bare minimum through simple, tangible and everyday measures. COSE’s choices encourage staff to use public transport or any means that reduces the use of the individual car. Electric vehicles are used by the company and its employees.

    Design and development criteria for industrial developments

    Products design requires many choices of products, materials, technologies and practices, for which we promote compromises that reduce our and our user’s environmental footprint.

    Limitation of the consumables

    We are committed to minimize the use of consumables and to size stocks to minimize outdated quantities to be destroyed or recycled.

    Repair and maintenance

    Our design criteria promote repairable and durable solutions. As we are confronted with the high cost of obsolescence, this practice is a value for our customers.
    For each of our products, there are adapted maintenance and support programs to maximize operating times before recycling.

    Retrofit  ( ICI pointeur sur rétrofit dans compétences de COSE)

    COSE retrofits some old but valuable products to give them a new life. The introduction of digital techniques in these equipments usually gives them extremely improved performances compared to previous generations with a very low low environmental footprint and a particularly interesting performance/cost ratio.

    The Recycling Process

    From the conception stage, the environmentally friendly dismantling of our products is planned until they are introduced into the current industrial recycling channels. These activities are covered by full traceability.