Ses missions

  1. Stabilization of precision firing from a helicoptter
  2. Immobilization of a vehicle with a single .50 BMG shot

Main references

Operational Performances

Safety distance:
highly increased

Probability of target hit :
80% for distance <1200
(probability of target hit strongly increased beyond)

Collateral damage :
Drastically reduced

No line of sight loss between shots

STRIKE covers  Utilisation dans tous
the entire flight domaines

Combat proven
French SOF French Army

Technical Spécifications

STRIKE balances the weapon’s weight

STRIKE completely filters the helicopter’s vibrations

Elevation range +5° to -75°
Azimut range +80° to -35

Payload capability
30 kg (weapon and ammunition)

Installation time on helicopters
< 15 min whole system
< 10 s armament