Pod Xplorer

Xplorer POD is a multifunctional Pod for use on

  • MALE and HALE UAVs
  • Helicopters
  • Civilian and military surveillance and mapping aircraft
  • Tactical aircraft


Its modular design allows integration of payloads below :

  • • Electro optical imaging sensors, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral
  • • Science payload (Gravity, field measurement, test-bed for electromagnetic payloads)
  • • optional IMU and integrated GNSS systems including one or two GNSS antennas support
  • • Lidar
  • • Electronic warfare systems


An optional local computer offers various services including

  • high power calculation
  • payload control
  • Multi-source data fusion
  • mission data recording
  • interconnection to the avionics on-board network
  • interconnection to IP networks of mapping and/or ISR mission aircraft.


  • by means of a specific pylon (included with the Pod) .
  • on a standard aircraft or helicopter hard mount point.

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