Skills and expertise

Multidisciplinary approach
and state of the art

From its origins as an INRIA start-up, COSE has retained in its industrial approach the qualities of research: State of the Art, in-depth problem analysis and multidisciplinary approach. The women and men who work in our company mostly have

several areas of expertise in their training and professional careers. Thus, our clients’ projects are handled in all their aspects by competent personnel in the fields involved by following our processes.

  • Project and program management
  • Mechanics, electronics, optronics
  • Aircraft Integration
  • Control and navigation
  • Real-time embedded software
  • Test and Qualification

Men. Women.
A multi-disciplinary expertise

A reactive matrix organization

Our organization into small, highly responsive multidisciplinary teams, familiar with risk management in embedded product development, stimulates the creation of added value for our customers.

Satisfy the Customer by respecting costs and deadlines

Committed to handling complex contracts, our teams have a single objective: to satisfy customer requirements with solutions that best meet the Performance/Costs/Delay trade-off

Mastering the environment of embedded systems

To carry out our projects successfully, we master all the technical environments necessary for the development of embedded systems

Co-contracting and co-working

We master the processes of co-development and exploitation of resources outside our company. We plan and conduct industrial or governmental qualification process Mock-ups with users guarantee the control of the systems interfaces.


Our retro-engineering capabilities and adaptability allow us to carry out equipment renovation programs. By integrating modern technologies on obsolete products we give them a new life.

Definition of ground and in flight tests plans

The carrying out of environmental tests

Vibratory environment

Our engineers master the development and tests of products in severe vibration environments, including complex pyrotechnic shock problems.

Analysis of ground and flight vibration measurements

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The re-alignment of models by ground tests and on testing machines.

The conduct of electromagnetic compatibility tests