Quality policy

  • Quality policy

    Today, our company is at the forefront of technological developments in its fields of aerial imaging, stabilization systems and integration on aerial vectors. This success, in a complex context for SMEs, is due to constant adaptation efforts and a competent and motivated workforce supported by significant investments in R&D. We also owe this success to our customers, whom we have listened to and who, in turn, have helped us to progress.

    In order to improve our market position and develop the business, our quality policy consists in always satisfying our customers better, sustainably and efficiently by,

    • honouring our commitments,
    • listening to our customers to continuously improve our products and services,
    • practicing a policy of innovation and continuous improvement of our products,
    • involving and empowering all staff,
    • setting up an organisation and resources that ensure :
      • measuring the performance of products, services and the organization,
      • reactivity and control of costs and deadlines,
      • the control of external service providers.

    In order to fulfil these missions, we are committed to the continuous evolution of our Quality Management System (QMS) with the objective of setting up an organisation capable of giving the company the ability to design, produce and maintain assemblies, embedded systems qualified according to the military airworthiness requirements specified by the European Defence Agency (EDA)

    In perspective, this system remains compatible with the civil aviation requirements specified by EASA, but also with those of Management (aeronautics and defence) described by EN 9100v2018.

    The position of quality manager has been set up with the support of the management, which defines the objectives and mobilizes the necessary resources to achieve them.

    The objective assigned to the quality manager is to develop and maintain the QMS based on an existing set of procedures consistent with our activity. It also ensures the implementation of audits to measure the effectiveness of the QMS so that the continuous improvement process is the driving force behind its development.

    Each of COSE’s employees, through their daily actions and professionalism, is a key player in this policy. To move forward, the company is committed to developing their skills and promoting their autonomy and we ask all managers and their employees to do everything possible to develop and implement the system.

  • Quality management system

    The management and quality assurance plans carried out for the business and all the procedures associated with this document currently constitute the highest level of the quality management system put in place to meet the requirements of the quality policy.

    This set of documents describes the measures that COSE undertakes to implement in order to provide products with the level of quality desired by customers.

  • Quality references
    • RG Aéro
    • EN 9100
    • ISO
  • Roadmap

    Our QMS respects 100% of the contractual requirements of the quality clauses of the contracts we handle as prime contractor for the DGA and our government and industrial customers.

    The operational processes are periodically audited by the DGA’s quality department during the Supply Quality Assurance (SQA) reviews.