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COSE is a high technology SME, a first-tier supplier of government agencies and major groups in the aeronautics and defense sector. COSE develops, produces, integrates and supports aerial observation and reconnaissance camera systems and other on-board equipment. Our technical teams are multidisciplinary and excellent in the following fields: optronics, mechanics, navigation, electronics, automation and embedded software.

COSE was born from the willingness of researchers at INRIA to create and transform innovations into industrial products with high use value. Since our creation, our core business has been the development of the following products:

  • Gyrostabilized cameras and aerial imaging system
  • Integrated circuits and complex analog and digital electronic systems
  • Embedded real-time software including: image and signal processing, geography and navigation
  • Control and automatic systems
  • Robots modeling their environment
  • Optical measurement benches

of COSE Company

Human capital

Human capital is at the heart of our concerns, it allows us to produce our products with the dual objective of creating confidence and added value for our customers and employees.
The company is owned by an independent shareholder base which, unlike globalized shareholders, develops the business with a long-term vision. This strategy creates sustainable value for our customers and employees.

Niche products

High-performance niche products such as GlobalScanner have made COSE a recognized player among major geography and intelligence players who have been using our products for more than 15 years on various types of aircraft.
For several years, our special forces have been using STRIKE, another innovation that allows marksman on helicopters to greatly improve fire accuracy and crew safety.
With STRIKE the interception of vehicles preserves the lives of hostages and hostiles alike,thus increasing strongly success of operations.